That’s the place where dreams are created.

In Najprzedszkole your child will discover his new passions, spend his time in creative and developing ways. Furthermore they will start the journey to build their future.



Get to know our kindergarten, where you will find the nicest climate and everyday is a new adventure in the world of education and play! In our innovative curriculum we take care about different aspects of development, especially physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. We also stress the English language skills and soft skills. We rely on the most effective methods like positive discipline and Jesper Juul’s philosophy. We support the development of internal motivation and discover the individual talents of each child.

Using LEGO® Education, we encourage children to think creatively, build and construct, while developing their math, language and social skills. Our natural playgrounds and outdoor activities support harmonious development in all spheres: cognitive, emotional, social and physical. Our program is complemented by additional classes: English, classes with a psychologist about emotions, sensory art, sports classes, gymnastics, dance, therapy with dogs, swimming and music and rhythm workshops that arouse children’s passions and interests, while developing their soft skills and social competences. We invite you to a world where education is a passion and learning is an adventure!

Our facilities

Each of our facilities uses modern solutions, such as air recuperation systems, air conditioning and video intercoms, to ensure the safety and comfort of children. Vast, green areas around kindergartens create ideal conditions for outdoor play and education in contact with nature. We invite you to a place where every child can develop their talents, in an environment full of warmth, understanding and professionalism.


Recruitment to our kindergartens is the first step in your child’s journey towards education full of passion, creativity and individual development. We are pleased to invite you to familiarize yourself with the admission process, which has been designed to be as accessible and convenient as possible for parents and their children.

The recruitment process consists of several key stages:



The first step is to complete the application form available on our website. It contains basic information about the child and contact details of the parents.



After receiving your application, we will contact you to invite you to a meeting at the facility of your choice. This will be a great opportunity to get to know our team, the place and ask any questions.



When you decide to join our community, we will proceed to formalities and sign the contract.
At this point you must also pay the entry fee.



Before the official start of the kindergarten adventure, we will offer a series of adaptation meetings so your child can get used to the new environment and group without stress.

Continuous recruitment

Our kindergartens recruit on an ongoing basis, so you can join us at any time of the year, as long as there are places available.

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