20 Słoneczna Str.

Your child in the center of our attention

Location and space

Najprzedszkole located at 20 Słoneczna Street in Poznań invites you to its unique place, located in a beautiful residence. Covering an area of 600 m², our facility not only offers spacious and well-equipped teaching rooms, but also impresses with its well-thought-out outdoor space.

The aura of the estate where Najprzedszkole is located contributes to creating an exceptionally warm, cozy and home atmosphere. This unique combination – a picturesque location, a modern and friendly space, as well as professional staff – makes our facility an ideal place for children to learn, play and develop in a safe and stimulating environment.


Children have a natural playground at their disposal, which encourages them to actively spend time outdoors and explore the surrounding nature.

As part of our educational and care offer, Najprzedszkole has specialized rooms for sensory integration (SI) classes, which are crucial for the comprehensive development of the youngest children. In addition, our facility has psychological and speech therapy offices, offering the support of specialists who take care of the proper emotional and speech development of children.

In addition, our facility is equipped with multimedia screens and projectors, a magic carpet, instruments, sets of Lego Education blocks and exercise equipment, which allows for the comprehensive and creative development of the skills of our wonderful preschoolers. Caring of health and good eating habits, we have a modern kitchen and a cozy dining room, where children eat tasty and healthy meals. Our toilets are adapted to the age of children, ensuring their comfort and safety.

We have a cloakroom with individual lockers where children can store their shoes and clothes to change, keeping them tidy and comfortable. We also have an attractive system for kindergarten service, which makes it easier for parents to pay fees, as well as communicate with educators and the facility.

In order to ensure maximum safety for children, a cipher is installed on the entrance door to the kindergarten. For the convenience of our families, we also provide a spacious parking lot directly at the facility, which facilitates daily arrival at our kindergarten. The car park is equipped with bicycle racks, which is conducive to an active lifestyle.

We invite you to visit Najprzedszkole 20 Słoneczna Street to see on your own how unique this place is. Together we create a space where every child can develop their talents, acquire new skills and enjoy childhood to the fullest in the coolest atmosphere.


The tuition fee depends on the educational model and hours package.

Price list
Tuition fee without English
PLN 1,500
Tuition fee with English
PLN 1,800
Meal price list
Standard diet
PLN 22
Special diet
PLN 26

Opening hours from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m