148 Maślicka Str.

Your child is the center of our attention

Location and space

In the heart of Maśliceyou will find our charming “red” residence with an area of 1,000 m², surrounded by a spacious garden.

We are a magical place where children discover the world through play, learning and exploration. We are located in the heart of a charming area, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes our location an ideal place for parents looking for a quiet and friendly environment for their children. Surrounded by greenery, away from busy streets, we create conditions conducive to the harmonious development of toddlers.

The kindergarten offers not only a home atmosphere but also a green space of 2,000 m² natural playground, where children can enjoy joyful fun surrounded by plants in the safest conditions.

The area abounds in green areas – a pond and a forest. We offer a unique location that fosters the development of creativity and curiosity of our little explorers. Together with our qualified teachers, we support the physical, emotional and social development of each child, with a strong emphasis on interaction with nature.

Our kindergarten is not only a place of learning, but also a second home for our preschoolers. We try to create a warm, family atmosphere where every child feels loved, appreciated and accepted.


Inside our kindergarten there are bright, cozy rooms, equipped with educational toys and creative corners that stimulate the development of cognitive skills. In addition, our facility is equipped with a speech therapist’s office and a psychologist’s office, providing support in speech development and emotional development for our patients.

Our kindergarten has a sports hall where additional activities take place. We also have a room for sensory integration classes, where children can explore a variety of sensory stimuli, thus supporting their development.

In addition, our facility is equipped with multimedia screens and projectors, a magic carpet, instruments, sets of Lego Education blocks and exercise equipment, which allows for the comprehensive and creative development of the skills of our wonderful preschoolers.

Caring of health and good eating habits, we have a modern kitchen and a cozy dining room, where children eat tasty and healthy meals.

Our toilets are adapted to the age of children, ensuring their comfort and safety.

We have a cloakroom with individual lockers where children can store their shoes and clothes to change, keeping them tidy and comfortable.

We also have an attractive system for kindergarten service, which makes it easier for parents to pay fees, as well as communicate with educators and the facility.

In order to ensure maximum safety for children, a cipher is installed on the entrance door to the kindergarten.

For the convenience of our families, we also provide a spacious parking lot directly at the facility, which facilitates daily arrival at our kindergarten. The car park is equipped with bicycle racks, which is conducive to an active lifestyle.


At the Kindergarten on Maślicka Street, we make sure that every child feels safe and happy with us. Find out more about our offer and join our kindergarten family where development, fun and learning go hand in hand with a home atmosphere.

The tuition fee depends on the educational model and hours package.

Entry fee: equivalent to one month’s tuition fee.

Everyday English group with a qualified teacher:
Tuition fee
PLN 1,700
Group without everyday English:
Tuition fee
PLN 1,400
Meal price list (valid from September 1, 2024):
Basic diet
PLN 28
Diet excluding up to two products
PLN 30
Gluten-free/dairy-free/vegetarian diet or exclusion of more than two products
PLN 35