Company philosophy and history

Our story

I founded my first kindergarten in 2011, when I was in the second year of my Business Management studies, I decided to open my own business in the educational industry. Since then, guided by the growing demand of the parents of my children, I have been gradually expanding the network of facilities, constantly implementing my dreams and supporting others in achieving their goals. Sharing knowledge, experience and passion has become the foundation of my business.

The origins of the company

I took the first steps towards creating a kindergarten while still studying, working as a brand ambassador for a language school. This experience, combined with knowledge about the missing educational facilities in Wrocław, inspired me to write a business plan and open a kindergarten. This decision began my ongoing adventure with the education industry.

Mission and vision

My mission results from a deep belief that each of us has a place on earth and the opportunity to develop our talents.

Education has become my passion not only for professional reasons, but also for personal reasons – the desire to provide the best conditions and safe development for my children. I offer the same quality of care and education to children at Najprzedszkole, as evidenced by numerous positive opinions from parents.

They bravely discover their talents and possibilities.

They build self-confidence, independence and self-esteem.

They create healthy habits in harmony with nature.

They learn respect for themselves, others and the world around them.

Our actions are based on the belief that education is the foundation of a responsible society. We want every child at the Najprzedszkole to have the opportunity to develop in the best atmosphere, in an atmosphere of respect, independence and harmony with nature.

We strive to make our institutions a place where children not only gain knowledge, but also learn to be good people.


Our staff at Najprzedszkole is a team of unique people whose involvement, knowledge and passion for working with children create a unique atmosphere supporting the development and education of our students. All members of our team bring something unique to the kindergarten, thanks to that we have created a place where each child is treated individually and with full understanding.

Klaudyna Cichocka-Volkov

Founder and Director

Klaudyna Cichocka-Volkov, the heart and soul of Najprzedszkole, is a person with an extraordinary passion for education and children development. She is an entrepreneur, educator, training author and business leader. Her adventure with education began in 2011, and since then she has opened 12 institutions, including the alternative primary school Łobuziaki. Klaudyna is also the winner of numerous awards, including “Orły Edukacji” and “Maślicki Bóbr” for her contributions to education. Her activities for the local community and support for children from Ukraine emphasize her social and educational involvement. Privately, she is the mother of Ewa and Filip, what additionally motivates her to create innovative educational solutions.

Przemysław Cichocki

Director of the Facility

Przemysław Cichocki, director of the kindergarten at ul. Maślicka is a person full of passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle. His experience in managing an educational institution and his contribution to the construction of the new “Łobuziaki” kindergarten in Maślice prove his determination and management skills. As a former professional football player, Przemysław promotes an active lifestyle not only among children, but also among staff. His life motto, striving to develop and conquer peaks, is an inspiration for the entire crew.

Nikola Tokarz

Director’s assistant

Nikola Tokarz, who has been the Director’s Assistant for three years, is an integral pillar of the team. Masters degree in Marketing and Management, ensures efficient organization of office work, creating an atmosphere of open communication and cooperation. Her kindness, professionalism and willingness to help make her an invaluable asset to the organization. Nikola believes that every child is unique and deserves support in their development what makes her a key figure in achieving the kindergarten’s educational goals.

Anna Skibińska-Kaczmarczyk

Office coordinator

Anna Skibińska-Kaczmarczyk is a graduate of Polish philology with a theater specialization at the University of Wrocław and the Open University of Research in the field of “Performance and other dances” at the Jerzy Grotowski Institute, also a certified dance and fitness instructor. From an early age, she has been passionate about ballroom dancing, achieving an international master class degree. A professional proofreader and copywriter, she developed her skills in many courses and professional internships. At the Najprzedszkola she is responsible for organizing courses and educational events, appreciating contact with inspiring personalities and teamwork for the development of the youngest. Privately, Anna is a culture and literature lover and a mother who loves spending time with her son, discovering the world of books and dancing together.


















Special education teacher


Speech therapist, physiotherapist


Sensory integration therapist


Social media specialist


Teacher’s assistant


Teacher’s assistant


Teacher’s assistant


Teacher’s assistant


Teacher’s assistant


Teacher’s assistant


Technical assistant


Technical assistant



Dear parents

We are aware that after crossing the step of home, the child enters a world in which the kindergarten has no direct influence, but which significantly affects his/her emotional and social development. Spending time at home your child shapes his/her personality and learns to cope with emotions and conflicts. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of synergy between kindergarten and home to jointly support the development of your children.

We encourage you to participate actively in preschool life through various meetings, picnics, parents’ councils and educational webinars. Such cooperation not only enables a better understanding of the philosophy of our kindergarten but also strengthens the child’s upbringing and educational process, providing him a sense of happiness and satisfaction of every day spent with us.

We are aware of the challenges of parenthood and home upbringing, but we believe that together we can create the best conditions for the development and education of your children. Your commitment and cooperation are the key to their happiness and success in the future.

We invite you to cooperate in partnership to ensure the best start in life for your children.

See you at Najprzeszkole!


Complex infrastructure

Each room in our kindergarten is carefully designed to combine functionality and safety. They are divided into work areas – with comfortable tables and chairs – and play and relaxation areas. Inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, we provide uniform, subdued colors and natural wooden furniture in shades of brown and white, creating a calm and safe environment. We also offer multimedia carpets and interactive boards. Each room has also easy access to a toilet and washbasin, what ensures comfort and hygiene. Moreover we have a scrambler installed in the building, and there is a large parking lot in front of the building.

A space to learn and play

Our toys and furniture have appropriate certificates. We also have multimedia boards with projectors that develop imagination, creativity and stimulate thinking in our preschoolers. We also have magic carpets that, through play, develop motor skills, dexterity, abstract thinking, as well as teach cooperation, healthy competition and perceptiveness.

Commitment to quality

We make sure that our facilities are safe, friendly and inspiring. We use ecological cleaning products and our facilities have equipment for sports activities and musical instruments. All this creates a unique space where every child can develop safely, explore the world and unwind their passions. In our kindergarten every day is an adventure and education through play opens the door to the world of knowledge, skills and creativity. Please learn more about our offer!

Integrated management system

Our kindergarten management system facilitates communication with parents, enabling them to quickly access information about the menu and important events, trips and meetings via a mobile application or online panel. In the system parents can also mark the child’s absence or pay the fees. This innovative solution allows effective organization of work and focus on children’s needs.

Education through play: Lego Education

Lego Education classes are a key element of our educational offer. Combining fun with learning, developing psychomotor skills, stimulating world curiosity and engaging children in finding solutions on their own are just some of the advantages of these most interesting classes. Thanks to them, children acquire important social, linguistic and mathematical competences. LEGO® Education sets enable children to learn and develop in art, STEM and other fields from an early age. They include activities for learning the alphabet, counting and coding, thanks to which children gain knowledge and practical skills through play.

Natural playgrounds

Our kindergartens have natural playgrounds, which are an excellent environment for children’s comprehensive development. Such playgrounds develop imagination, creative thinking and sensory integration, not limiting children with ready-made toys, but inspiring them to create their own games and activities. It is a space where children have an impact on their surroundings, learning responsibility, independence and coping with difficulties. We provide children the safest conditions.

Discover our Najprzedszkola – where development meets innovation

At Najprzeszkole, we believe that every child deserves a unique environment that supports their individual development, while strengthening the basic values ​​and skills necessary in today’s dynamically changing world. Our approach goes beyond traditional teaching methods, combining innovative solutions with a deeply rooted concern for the well-being of each preschooler. Get to know the elements that distinguish us from other facilities:

Unique features of the Najprzedszkola

A program based on soft skills

We are proud of our original educational program, focused on the development of soft skills, which value is confirmed by a certificate from a recognized university.


Early language education opens children the door to the global world, making it easier for them to move around in a diverse cultural environment. Our team develops through continuous participation in training and workshops.

Therapy rooms

Psychological, speech therapy and a sensory integration classrooms are extremely necessary in individual and holistic care of the needs of each child.


Our brand symbolizes innovation and quality, offering children a space where they can safely develop their passions and talents.

Our own backyard and playground

A safe and stimulating outdoor space where children can freely play and explore the world of nature.

Workshops for parents

To help parents understand the child, we organize workshops, where you will be able to enrich your knowledge in psychology and other fields.

Najprzedszkola provide also:

Original programs
and emotional intelligence

Our kindergartens focus on developing emotional intelligence and social competences, using original educational programs.

with experts

We care about the comprehensive development of our students, we cooperate with dietitians, psychologists and speech therapists.

Healthy food
and physical activity

We promote healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, offering balanced meals and sport activities.

Individual approach
and multi-sensory

Each child is unique to us – we use an individual approach and multisensory techniques to support their development as much as possible.

The latest technologies
and workshops for parents

We use modern technologies to support the educational process and organize workshops that help parents actively participate in their children’s preschool life.

Pro-ecological attitude
and education for the future

We emphasize ecological education and prepare children for the challenges of the future.