Recruitment information

Thank you very much for your interest in our kindergarten! We would like to inform you that the optimal time to join the recruitment process is until the end of March. During this period, we focus on organizing the upcoming school year and accepting new applications.

If for some reason you were not able to submit your documents by the deadline, you don’t have to worry! From April, we continue accepting recruitment forms as part of supplementary recruitment, taking into account the availability of places in particular age groups.

You can be sure that each application will be carefully considered, taking into consideration the well-being and needs of our children. If you have any doubts or questions related to the recruitment process, please contact us. Our employees will be happy to dispel any doubts and provide any necessary assistance.

The form is used for recruitment purposes. We will inform you by e-mail whether your child has been accepted to our facility. Thank you!

The beginning of preschool education is a special time for both children and their parents. This is the time when babies leave the parental nest for the first time, which can be emotionally challenging for both sides- sometimes even more difficult for the parents. Therefore, the period of adaptation and the child’s first days in the new environment is crucial for us and we approach it with great care, trying to facilitate this change.

At Najprzedszkole we do not use a rigid adaptation schedule. We understand that each child is different, with different needs, emotions and readiness for change. Some children quickly find their way in a new place, others need more time to acclimatize, but we assure you that each of them will find their place under our caring wing.

First steps

At the beginning, the child visits the kindergarten/nursery accompanied by its parents, getting to know the space, the nicest ladies, new friends and toys.


When your toddler feels more confident, he or she spends a short time alone, gradually extending this period.

Bye- byes

We teach children how to say goodbye to their parents as soon as they arrive so they can enjoy a day full of fun and learning at kindergarten/nursery.

Talk with your child about kindergarten/nursery, explaining where he or she goes and why. Communication is the key, even if your little one doesn’t seem to understand everything yet.

Always say goodbye to your child, but do it quickly and firmly. Most babies stop crying right after their parent disappears out the door.

We encourage you to bring child’s favorite toy or item that will help her/ him feel safer in a new place.